The primary business of our company is to provide margin funding to our clients for purchase of securities, loan against shares and property, financial advisory services etc. The company is registered as a Non-deposit taking Non Banking Finance Company with RBI.

Business Operations

The Company is providing various financial solutions such as :

  • advancing loans against listed shares, securities and properties
  • margin funding
  • corporate loans
  • personal loans
  • trading in shares & securities
  • trade financing
  • bills discounting etc.

Presently our Company is offering blend of services to the commercial, industrial and financial communities in order to provide our clients one stop financial solution:

  • Trade Finance & Bill Discounting: Bills discounting is an effective solution to short-term fund requirement arising on account of blockage of funds in receivables. Our Company acts as a bill broker where they finance the invoices for smooth operations of clients’ business.
  • Working capital loans: Our Company also provides an easy solution for working capital financing. Most small business would qualify for a business cash advance that can sufficiently meet their requirements for working capital financing.
  • Loan against property: With the ever increasing need for capital towards expanding the business. Loan against property is just the right loan, it helps in leveraging the  property to raise funds to cater to the  business needs. Our Company also provides loan against property to meet other financial and social commitments such as children’s education, medical emergencies, marriage expenses and more.
  • Margin funding and loan against approved securities: In order to meet the liquidity requirements of the customers, Our Company offers loan against shares to individuals and corporate. Our Company possesses expertise in financing short-term loan facility, to buy securities from secondary markets for short to medium term.